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Agency Certifications and Approvals

Are you looking for a firm that can bring you a proven certification process?

Would you like someone to manage your product certification projects and help with all the agency-related paperwork and documentation?

Do you have product changes or a new product that will require experienced oversight to get a faster approval?

Do you need in-field product evaluation or inspection when a certification mark is not applied at the factory?

Compliance Solutions International can help

With extensive product certification industry experience, CSI knows how to overcome agency bureaucracy, navigate through the complex maze of various compliance requirements, and is equipped to assist manufacturers and others with their product approvals in the United States, Canada, and India for markets worldwide. With CSI, you can leverage this experience for your benefit.

We provide the following agency approval-related consulting services:

  • Approval agency selection - UL, ETL, NSF, FM, CSA , TUV, etc.
  • Pre-approval activities - agency and standard requirements, product design/construction review, material/component selection, and pre-testing
  • Product certification - obtaining quotes, application preparations, opening project, sample & documents submittal, testing, project management - tracking and coordination, and certification documents
  • Documentation - data sheets, reports, factory inspections/audits, and approval listing documents
  • Approval maintenance - product design/construction changes, new products, resolution of non-compliance, and file review/updates
  • Agency support - clarifications and interpretations of standards, other agency requirements, and changes affecting approval
  • Field work - inspections, investigations, and evaluations of product or system in field
  • Certification impact - advice on effect of changes in non-agency standards and codes on product certification
  • International certification - multiple market access, requirements for targeted international markets, coordination of multiple market certifications or compliance

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

The founder of CSI, Jay Parikh, worked at UL for over 25 years. With CSI, you can capitalize on this experience when you need to:

  • Interact with UL staff – customer service professionals (CSPs), project handlers, engineers, managers, and others to resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Submit unusual products – may involve a new product category or revision of an existing UL standard
  • Learn more about UL – with our training and seminars, your staff can get up to speed quickly on UL requirements, practices, processes, resources, and services
  • Obtain other UL services – international certifications, quality management system registration, consulting, training/seminars, commercial inspection and testing service (CITS), and e-commerce
  • Work with UL's international affiliates – facilitate local service, certifications, and other offerings

Product Certification Organizations

CSI works with various global testing and certification agencies. For your convenience, the following are links to the websites of the agencies we work with most frequently: UL, FM, ETL, NSF, CSA, TUV.

A full range of services

CSI also provides assistance with Standards and Codes, Regulatory Compliance, Business Development, and Training and Seminars.